Current ESG efforts are broken.

Professionally Managed Assets under  ESG mandates swelled to $46B in 2021, but the impact on People, Planet and Society remains underwhelming.

While ESG measures a company’s risk-mitigation capabilities to environmental, social and governance factors - it completely fails consumer’s expectations.

They want to know how companies positively or negatively impact the planet and they expect companies to do better.

Businesses can be a leading force in shaping a more equitable, and sustainable world.

They just need the right incentives system. We are here to create it.
These are our core tenets:


Open on the blockchain, governed by an expert DAO, measuring the true impacts that companies have on people and planet


Democratize ESG by getting smaller companies and companies in emerging markets to build ESG metrics into their business models

Scalable Impact

Focus on output metrics to encourage actionable outcomes and bring consumers into the conversation


Provide real-time ESG data to individuals and entities to assist them in making sound investment and purchasing decisions

Aligned Incentives

Reward investors, businesses, and consumers for  prioritizing ESG

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Why build an OpenESG System?

We are Open, in order to ensure that the growth in ESG adoption is not an illusion, but a real driver of change. Measuring the right things - the impacts companies have on people and planet - instead of the risks to company profits from ESG factors - is the first step to help restore trust in business as a force for good.

We are Open, in order to widen the spectrum of companies scored while making ESG scores ubiquitous and understandable. OpenESG will allow public, private and state-owned companies, Web3 projects, startups and SMEs of all sizes, from all industries and all regions of the world to embed ESG metrics into their business models, while also recognising that metrics mean different things in different cultures.

We are Open, in order to reinvigorate the ESG movement.  We make Greenwashing more difficult and costly. Accurate OpenESG scores neutralize Greenwashing, and reward positive action toward Planet and People, nudging companies toward action, impact and progress, not just promises, policies and public relations.

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An open tokenized economy for regenerative capitalism is coming.

In addition to the base protocol, we are pioneering the development of applications featuring novel crypto-economic designs that boost stakeholder engagement while baking positive externalities into their core functionality, by design.

Our Team

Tee Ganbold

Executive Chair,

Formerly ConsenSys & Cambridge Analytica, Co-Founder of Clear AI

David Aikman

Chief Executive Officer,

Formerly MD World Economic Forum & International Olympic Committee

Daniel Ellison
(North America)

Chief Technology Officer,

Formerly Lead Developer & Mentor ConsenSys, Founding Member of Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

Phil Green

Chief Financial Officer

Formerly CFO EMEA of Amazon, Groupon & Group CFO Deliveroo

Daniel Tedesco

Head of DAOs

Principal Consultant at Google, Columbia Business School MBA

(North America)

Chief Innovation Officer

Formerly CEO &  Founder at Eco Labs

Bruno Ahualli

Executive Marketing Advisor

Managing Partner Kilonova Ventures, Formerly CMO Boson Protocol & CMO Panther Protocol

Leyla Sertel

Chief of Staff

Formerly MD Quorum Europe and FiscalNote

Jeff Green

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Former IBM & Private Equity,
now serial ESG Investor

Daros Nakai

Market Analyst Intern

Software Engineering Student, Sustainable Agricultural Projects in Brazil

Our Advisors

Kevin Owocki

Founder of Gitcoin

Dan Finlay

Co-Founder at MetaMask

Chris Cleverly

President, Tingo International Holdings

Formerly CEO, Made in Africa Foundation

Jaeson Ma

Co-Founder of OP3N
& Early Investor in TikTok

Frank Meehan

Founder of Spark Labs

GM ESG & Climate at FiscalNote & Former Board of Spotify & Siri

Dani Osorio

Partner at MetaWeb Ventures

Formerly Dev Relations NEAR, Infura & ConsenSys

Anoop Nannra

Co-Founder &
CEO at Trugard Labs

Former WW Blockchain Leader at AWS/Cisco

Jonathan Padilla

Co-Founder of Snickerdoodle Labs

Formerly Head of Blockchain at PayPal

Rupesh Madlani

Co-Founder & Chairman of Global Sustainable Capital Management

Steve Gotz

Partner at Silicon Foundry

Equal Parts Advisor, Investor & ‘Applied Futurist'

Let's Shape a New Phase of “Regenerative Capitalism” Together.

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